Netflix and Androids: A Better Combination

Netflix and Androids

Netflix and Androids: A Better Combination

So you have an Android device. You also have a long wait somewhere. Then you turn on Netflix, you get problems, to the point you have to cram whole seasons of your favorite shows. They want to fix that. Netflix and Androids: A better combination.

Because Netflix now launches ‘smart downloads’ for Droids. If you already saw an episode, then it will erase that episode so you can see the next one. In fact, it replaces the old episode with the next, new and fresh one. This prevents you from watching the same episode over and over. This also prevents you from filling up your device with unnecessary data.

These kinds of downloads could help make the Netflix and Androids experience easier to maintain. So obviously, you need to get the Netflix app on your Droid first. But after that, you have to be connected to a WiFi system. If you’re not, then the feature won’t work. They do this to keep you from adding too much to your phone and keep your data in check. Believe me, data on any phone, no matter how big and expensive, can add up real quick. It is not clear if Netflix will do the same to Apple and Windows devices and products. At least, it’s not yet clear.

But what if you want to watch the same episodes over and over? When I’m in our Boston computer service shop, there are certain Twilight Zone episodes I like to watch over and over. Our computer repair experts are the same way about other shows. You can switch off this feature anytime. But that’s something to wrestle with. I’m glad the relationship between Netflix and Androids is getting better. But should I accept this smart download feature to save space on my phone? Or should I just save up my favorite episodes and seasons?


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