Elon Musk Offers Help To Thai Victims

Elon Musk Offers Help To Thai Victims

Elon Musk Offers Help To Thai Victims

So now, we all know about the crisis in Thailand. Two weeks ago, 12 boys and their soccer coach got trapped in a cave, and a Thai Navy Seal was killed trying to save them. But there is good news. As of this blog, they rescued at least 5 boys. Now, IT support billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers help to Thai victims.

Musk sent a mini-submarine to Thailand. In fact, it should arrive sometime tonight. Musk himself estimates the sub should be there by 11pm Thai time. However, and thankfully, the rescue mission is in full swing. I say thankfully not to diss Musk, but I am thankful some of those boys are already out. Musk hopes the sub is useful, but if it isn’t, then the Thailand can keep it for further use.

Musk started communicating with Thailand since this crisis started back on June 23. For example, he suggested sending tubes through the Tham Luang cave. Then, they can blow up these tubes. That way, they can use these tubes to travel and escape through the cave without risky scuba diving. Yesterday, he showed off tests of his people working with a mini-sub in Los Angeles waters. And now, one of those mini-subs are going to Thailand. Also, some of his engineers are going to Thailand to offer their help. The Thai government and people continue to give Musk an outpouring of love and gratitude for his help.

Despite a crisis like this, it’s refreshing to tell stories like this. I know I often talk about how IT service and modern technology can harm our society. But now, it could help society, even save lives. I join the Thai people in applauding Musk in his efforts. I’m happy Elon Musk offers help to Thai victims. If they get the rest of those boys and coach out, then great. If they use Musk’s tools and people to continue the rescue effort, then that would make him a bigger man and hero then ever. Do you think Musk will save the day for this rescue?


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