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Will Google Save The Smartwatch Industry?

Will Google Save The Smartwatch Industry?

Will Google Save The Smartwatch Industry?

So the smartwatch is to be the next big thing in tech and IT support. But I guess consumers had other ideas. Because the smartwatch sale is slipping. Will Google save the smartwatch industry?

They are trying. One reason smartphones are failing is because of short battery life. Google says they will combat this by strengthening Android P. That’s the operating systems behind Google/Android software. One tactic they will use is ‘App Standby Buckets’. It telly you which apps you use the least. Then, it shows you which apps uses up the most battery juice. Therefore, you can cut the useless apps that take up the most battery power. This doesn’t include alarms or emergency apps.

They also didn’t do include the alarm because of customer feedback. They say this prevents common sense usage. But more to the point, what if an emergency does happen, and your smartwatch OS blocked the emergency app? What then? Well, they’re applying the ‘app standby buckets’ tactic to all their smartwatches. This say is also more diplomatic between consumers and app makers. I say this because let’s say a customer cuts off a certain app. Now let’s say a million people cut off that app because it’s messing up their battery life. Now let’s say you’re the maker of the app that’s losing millions of customers. Wouldn’t you be a little upset at the smartwatch that’s allowing this to happen?

Smartwatches have their place. I see them on the streets often and around this Boston computer service shop often. But I guess for smartwatch makers, it’s not enough. However, battery life isn’t the smartwatch industry’s only problem. Qualcomm is dealing with chip issues, to the point where some are asking the company to leave the data center business. They have a new smartwatch chip they’re trying. Will it work though? Will Google save the smartwatch industry?


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