The Rise of Facebook Stories: Weaning off Typing

The Rise of Facebook Stories

The Rise of Facebook Stories: Weaning off Typing

So we all know the trouble Facebook is in. We also know Facebook won’t crawl over and die that easy. This is where Facebook Stories come in. It’s the rise of Facebook stories: weaning off typing.

So yes, there are some Facebook users who don’t like typing their posts. For them, they can post through Stories, a system that uses audio, voice and photos to substitute for posts. Now, they’re banking the rise of Facebook Stories to be their next big thing. However, they’re turning to India, not the USA, for help. Because that nation has lots of languages and dialects, they can use Stories to get their messages across. Did you know India has 22 national languages? Furthermore, India is a major nation for smartphone sales and lots of people take photos with them.

Today, Facebook begins their Stories experiments in India. Hopefully, it will spread to other nations. Then there’s another factor: The rise of WhatsApp and the fall of Snapchat. Recently, Facebook’s WhatsApp past Snapchat in the number of users (450 million to 300 million). They’re even building a Stories archive. Also, they have a new Save to Facebook Camera. That’s a private tab where you can hold your stories.

So it seems like Facebook is bent on making Stories work. Here in our Boston computer repair shop, and on my personal FB page, people use stories. In fact, media companies like ESPN use Facebook Stories. However, in these Stories, nobody is commenting, liking, or sharing. So while Facebook Stories is picking up, it’s clear they got work to do. I was hesitant on why Facebook would use India, but now it makes sense. They have one of the biggest companies in the world, then look at swift rise of their IT support and other technology. Would you use Facebook Stories instead of typing and posting?

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