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Introducing the Android Skagen Faltser

Skagen Faltser

Introducing the Android Skagen Faltser

So I tire of reading about the Facebook scandal, and other IT service woes. Then I think, “What else is going on out there?”. I found a smartwatch that might interest some of you. Introducing the Android Skagen Faltser.

So we can thank our friends in Denmark for the Skagen Faltser. You read the time on an OLED round face. It can also serve as an alarm clock. You can wake up to a white on black color. If that’s too plain for you, then I see some cool blue color schemes as well. It has Android Fit for you workouts. It also has translations for your language needs. However, what it doesn’t have shocks me. It doesn’t have GPS, LTE Connectivity, or even a heart-rate monitor.

They say it’s because the watch is too small it can’t fit everything. According to many who wear this watch, it’s easier to use than many Apple or Samsung smartwatches. I like the display it has that tell you what time it is around the world. It can last about 24 hours without a recharge. It works with Android devices, and Apple ones too. The Skagen Faltser will cost you around $275. But you can upgrade with to a leather or metal band for an extra $20.

I’m not so sure about this smartwatch. To me, this really is a question about quality vs look. If you want a nice look, then the Android Skagen Faltser is for you. The fact that it’s from Denmark gives it a chic feel. I see the pictures, and it will give you props, especially is you were to wear it to our computer service shop. However, if you’re looking for tech efficiency, then this isn’t the watch for you. It doesn’t even have a heart-rate monitor. That should tell you something. As for me, I think I’ll pass. Sorry, but I like more efficiency and less look. Would you buy the Android Skagen Faltser?

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