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Elon Musk Can’t Go To Sleep? But Why?

Elon Musk Can't Go To Sleep

Elon Musk Can’t Go To Sleep? But Why?

So IT support billionaire and Tesla CEO is under stress. In fact, on CBS This Morning, Elon Musk can’t go to sleep. But why?

First of all, Tesla is under a stressful period. In fact, it’s so bad Musk is sleeping on his car maker’s factory floor. Then, he says he can’t even go home to shower or sleep in his own bed. So why is Musk doing this? One reason is because he’s hard at work on his Model 3 car. On April 3, Tesla produced 2,020 Model 3 cars. However, their target is 2,500. In fact, he wants to make 5,000 Model 3 cars a week before too long. That’s a big jump in a short time. Here’s another reason Elon Musk can’t go to sleep. Because he’s a hands on CEO. He says he doesn’t believe in vacationing while his employees are working hard and suffering.

But between you and me, I think there are other reasons Elon Musk can’t go to sleep. He worries about other issues surroinding the IT service and computer tech industry. There’s this lingering Facebook scandal that won’t go away. A couple of weeks ago, he called out Facebook, and deleted them. In that interview, he called for regulation on Silicon Valley. Another concern of his is ‘fake news’ that seems to be plaguing the tech community. Between you and me, the most fake news you’ll find is on CNN and Fox News, but that’s just me. He touched on fake news in the CBS This Morning interview. Musk is weary as ever about AI/robot technology. In fact, he blames robots on the slowing down of his Model 3 car. Though Musk didn’t mention this, I think his dream of sending people to Mars is drawing heavy on his heart.

He didn’t say it, but he still believes the only way to save humanity is to send people to Mars. Is that the real reason Elon Musk can’t go to sleep? Speaking of sleeping, if you were Mark Zuckerberg right now, would you be able to go to sleep?

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