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Introducing ESPN+: ESPN and Disney Goes Streaming

Introducing Espn+

Introducing ESPN+: ESPN and Disney Goes Streaming

So geeks, admit it, many of you are sports fanatics. I know I am. In fact, many in our Boston computer service shop are sports fans. I have good news. Introducing ESPN+: ESPN and Disney goes streaming.

So ESPN+ will be ESPN, and their father company Disney’s first streaming launch since they partially acquired BAMTech last year.  BAMTech also provides streaming services for HBO, Major League Baseball, and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), among others. It will cost $5 a month. Okay, it’s officially $4.99. But I hate when they try to tease us with that ‘save a penny’ trick. Or you can get it for $50 a year ($49.99 is the official price). Also, you can even get a free month trial.

So what will you get? You’ll get MLB, NHL (hockey), and MLS (soccer). Then you’ll get college sports, and documentaries like ESPN’s award winning 30 For 30. The only adds you’ll get will be the commercials you watch as if you’re watching the game on regular TV. The ESPN+ app will be seen on Fire TV, iPads, iPhones, Apple TV, Droid devices, and Chromecast. This app will also include sports news and scores. But this new ESPN+ app will not have big annual games, like the Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA Finals.

So that’s pretty much introducing ESPN+. But do you know what I’m seeing in IT service? I see a big shift from cable to streaming services. One example of this is You Tube’s new streaming service. You can get much of what you can on cable for a far less price. Furthermore, I read an article where many of the most hated companies in America are cable companies. Ouch! So once again, our technology is changing the game. About this ESPN+. To me, it’s worth a trial for a couple of months. But they didn’t say anything about the NFL regular season. I hope they include that, because that’s perhaps the biggest money maker of the year, despite the NFL’s problems. Is the ESPN+ app worth getting?

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