Malware Attacks Routers! Consumer Alert!

Malware Attacks Routers

Malware Attacks Routers! Consumer Alert!

So I have alarming news from Kapersky Lab. That’s one a top level online security firms. They discovered yet another malware strain. Furthermore, they believe the state is sponsoring it, as part of cyber warfare. Malware attacks routers! Consumer alert!

They named this malware Slingshot. Their code spies on PCs through attacks that target by MikroTek routers. But there is a process for this attack. First, they replace library files with fake and malicious files. Then, the malware goes on the attack against the PC. But wait…there’s more. A code gives the destroyer free reign all storage and memory. This destructive code is what keeps the malware alive. Therefore, the malware keeps eating and eating into your PC like a maggot does a bad piece of fruit.

However, as bad as this sounds, there is still more. Slingshot stores it’s malware files in a virtual file system. That means the hacker can store it up and use it whenever he wants. He/she can also use it against any part of the PC system they want. This includes, but doesn’t limit, emails, hard drives, keyboards, passwords, social media posts, and pictures. Remember, this is cyber spy warfare. So when malware attacks routers, it can leave your most intimate moments on your PC exposed.

So what does this mean for IT support and computer repair? A lot. First of all, if you own a MikroTek router, then please consider returning it. Better safe that sorry. Of course, we’re not ruling out this is happening to other routers. There’s just no hard proof of that yet. Slingshot already made it’s presence known in many Middle Eastern nations. We don’t know if it hit any US system yet. But you can’t rule it out easy. At our Boston computer service shop, we feel it’s a duty to keep our readers informed on dangers out there. This is a danger. What are other dangers we should know about?


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