Waymo and Google’s Self Driving Trucks

Waymo and Google's Self Driving Trucks

Waymo and Google’s Self Driving Trucks

So Waymo is Google’s self-driving car project. There was a big emphasis on cars. But now, they want self-driving trucks as well. Let’s talk about Waymo and Google’s self driving trucks.

So in the last 24 hours, Google announced it’s pilot program to boost the logistics of self-driving trucks. This project will also take place in Atlanta. Google has data centers there that will oversee this. However, Atlanta isn’t the first stop for this kind of testing. Because in the last year or so, they tested Waymo and Google’s self driving trucks in California and Arizona. Now, they’re ready for the ATL.

These self driving trucks use the same sensors that Google has on their self driving Pacifica minivans. They will use the same software as well. However, the experiment in Georgia means they can test different things they couldn’t in other places. They can study all the things regular big rigs do: loading and shipping. They’re also studying how these trucks enter and exit factories, ports, warehouses, and other distribution facilities. Don’t worry. These trucks won’t be totally without a driver. Trucks will have drivers behind the wheel to monitor progress. Furthermore, let’s say these big rigs get out of control. Then, the driver can get things back in order.

Now what does this have to do with IT support or computer repair? I hope you’re aware how much we depend on big rig trucks for our survival. Our grocery stores and restaurants and other food places get their supplies from trucks. So do your favorite bars and coffee shops. In the same way, so do clothing stores and other places we all but take for granted. If the truck driver industry shut down for a week, or if they went on strike, then we’d be in a world of trouble. In fact, I doubt we would survive. So imagine your supplies being delivered by a self-driving truck, controlled by technology. What would that look like?

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