We Were Yahoo: According to a Former Senator

We Were Yahoo

We Were Yahoo: According to a Former Senator

So in the 1990s, Yahoo was at the forefront of IT support and Internet technology. Then, in January 2000, Yahoo’s stocks peaked at $118.75 a share. How the mighty have fallen. Author and former Florida State Senator Jeremy Ring recalls his Yahoo employee days. We Were Yahoo: According to a former senator.

In fact, Jeremy Ring calls his book We Were Yahoo. At 25, he started a Yahoo office in New York. But soon after that, Yahoo sent him to their Silicon Valley headquarters. So he was there at their peak. During his tenure, Yahoo was worth over $120 billion. That was more than most car companies, combined. Ring also recalls how Yahoo had over a billion customers. Keep in mind the world’s population at that time was around six billion.

So what happened? Well, they missed some opportunities. Yahoo could have bought out Google…twice! But decided not too. Then Yahoo declined to do a paid ad search program. But Google was happy to do a paid ad program . The rest is history. Not only that,  in the 2000s, Yahoo could have bought Facebook. That didn’t happen either.  Ring also talks about other factors in later years, like the Wall Street woes of the late 2000s, which helped Yahoo’s demise. And we all remember the Yahoo email hack of 2013.

Despite all these woes, Ring recalls Yahoo as an important pioneer. They were the first to have sub-sites, like Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports. They were worth more than most media and news conglomerates combined. Plus, they were the first Internet company to have a Super Bowl commercial. However, let’s play what if. I named today’s report after Jeremy Ring’s book We Were Yahoo. What if Yahoo purchased Google and Facebook? Today, these two entities are worth over a trillion dollars. And now, Yahoo has to depend on Verizon’s acquisition just for mere survival. It didn’t have to be this way, Yahoo. Jeremy Ring’s We Were Yahoo book is available online for as little as $10.  Would you buy Jeremy Ring’s book?

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