Twitter Reveals 2017 Social and Political Turmoil

Twitter Reveals

Twitter Reveals 2017 Social and Political Turmoil

Needless to say, 2017 is not a boring year, especially in social media. We in computer repair see and try to cover it all. Twitter covered it all. In fact, Twitter reveals 2017 reveals social and political turmoil.

So you can’t talk about Twitter these days without talking about US President Donald Trump. Because he has everybody talking and tweeting. People tweet about him more then any world leader. Also, people in this country tweet about Trump than they do any American politician. And you can bet, not all the tweets are warm and supporting. Guess what some of the top hashtags are? The number one hashtag is resist. Then guess what what #3 and #6 hashtags are? They are #ImpeachTrump and #NotMyPresident, respectively.

But President Trump isn’t the only US political figure on 2017’s top tweet list. Some of the most liked and most re-tweeted tweets came from former US President Barack Obama. One came in January when Obama thanked those who supported him as he left office. The second one was when he spoke out against hatred. Also on twitter that year, people addressed other turbulent issues. Two of the biggest liked tweets included Penn State helping Hurricane Harvey victims and Ariana Grande sending condolences to the victims of the Manchester, UK terrorist attack.

Time Magazine named the Silence Breakers and #metoo movement as their Persons of the Year.  They’re exposing years of sexual abuse and harassment, usually by powerful men. One of the leading silence breakers, actress Rose McGowan, definitely made her presence known on Twitter, especially on this issue. Other hot button issues on Twitter this year are the NFL kneeling and boycotts and turmoil with North Korea. But really, Twitter reveals 2017 social and political turmoil . In our computer repair shop, we watched it all. I’m sure every shop in America did. Let me hear from you. What is your favorite, or least favorite, Twitter moment of 2017?

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