You Tube Increases Moderation

You Tube Increases Moderation

You Tube Increases Moderation

I love You Tube. In our computer service shop, sometimes that’s all I watch. But lately, many complain of inappropriate videos they put up at You Tube, especially when it comes to children. So You Tube is doing something about it. You Tube increases moderation.

So according to You Tube CEO Susan Wojcicki, they’re hiring over 10,000 moderators in the near future. This is after a series of complaints that are now turning into outright scandals. This also includes content aimed at kids. For instance, you take your kids to a rated G movie. Then your hear f bombs and see blood and nudity, as do your kids, in this rated G movie. Imagine the outrage.

Former You Tube show Toy Freaks is finding that out the hard way. Because You Tube cancelled their channel after many complained the young daughter was in inappropriate situations. They’re not the only ones feeling this kind of backlash. Last year, You Tube put in place a new policy enforcing stricter policies against channels that aim blatant, inappropriate content at kids. In fact, they canceled thousands of videos and cut off advertising for over 50,000 channels. They already up the polices, but apparently, they need more enforcement. That’s where the extra 10,000 moderators come in.

Sure, they have IT support tools like algorithms to moderate bad content. But let’s face it, human beings are the best way to regulate human beings. Personally, I’d like to see a ratings system like they have on movie and TV shows. Then the moderators can determine what is good for what age group. What if a kid shows has something inappropriate for small children? Then a moderator can put a PG-13 like rating on the video, and explain why the video is bad for small children. I have my reservations about them canceling channels altogether. Just put a rating on them, then let the parents decide if it’s good for them or not. I totally understand parents want to keep their kids safe and innocent. You Tube increases moderation…can this lead to censorship?

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