Disaster Drones: Can They Save Lives?

Disaster Drones

Disaster Drones: Can They Save Lives?

We saw many disaster unfold in recent weeks. So most recently, we have the Santa Rosa fires that killed 17 people, and destroyed whole neighborhoods. But how can drones play a part? Disaster drones: Can they save lives?

There is a drone company they call Cy Phy Works. Their locations are in Danvers, MA, about 25 miles north of our Boston computer service shop. So what do disaster drones do? First of all, they take pictures of the disaster area. This is important because they help relief efforts deliver accurate help to the right communities. Furthermore, these cameras are 30x zoom and can survey tens of miles per trip. For example, they took pictures of areas Hurricane Harvey flooded and were able to get the help to desperate area.

Also, for the recent fires, they can use disaster drones to show firefighters which communities need the most aid. But that’s not all. These drones can also deliver medical supplies and other aid. Some supplies could even include instructions for people to help themselves before help arrives. And of course, the drones can get directly to an emergency site. In most cases, they can get there just as fast, perhaps even faster, than first responders can. Obviously, they will work with emergency personnel. This is about saving lives, not a ‘who can get there first’ competition.

Cy Phy Works recently ran tests throughout the Boston area. During our busy times, like the Fourth of July, they provided surveillance with the Boston Police Department. By all accounts, these tests were a success. These drones couldn’t have come at a better time. For the last six weeks or so, we have been bombarded by disasters. And yes, I talk about the bad technology and IT service can do. But once in a while, we should be reminded of what good our industry can do. In this case, it can literally mean the difference between life and death. As a New Englander, it gives me great pride to know my state came up with this drone. Do you think this disaster drone can save lives?

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