Secret Snapchat Site: Why Are They Really Moving?

Secret Snapchat Site

Secret Snapchat Site: Why Are They Really Moving?

What if our Boston computer service shop had a secret underground site in…say…Antarctica? Wait…but that wouldn’t make sense. Why would anybody need computer servicing in Antarctica? So I’m rambling on because apparently, there is a secret Snapchat site.

This secret Snapchat site is in Lehi, Utah. It’s about 30 miles south of downtown Salt Lake City. We think they built this because they want to build hardware and apps far away. In this case, far away means the competitors and cut throats of Silicon Valley and other tech hot spots. But what about jobs and manpower?

That’s why they’re looking to BYU (Brigham Young University) to fill that supply. Also, Snapchat hit the jackpot in Utah before. Because BYU students founded, a QR coding site. Before too long, Snapchat acquired, and turned it into Snapcodes. Then there is IM Flash Technologies. That’s a semi-conductor factory that is in Lehi. Snapchat already told tech media they have a small team in place. Also, they are looking to hire in the local area. The want ads are out. And Snap has had success in Utah before. Can lightning strike twice?

But here is the more pressing question. Is this a trend that’s showing up through all of tech? I ask that because Amazon is looking for a city to place it’s new headquarters. It’s not going to be anywhere near San Francisco, Oakland, or Cupertino. Yesterday, I wrote a blog about how Silicon Valley seems to be in moral meltdown, and gave various reasons. Are even tech companies seeing it? Yes, some believe Snap chose Lehi because they don’t want prying eyes in California looking and copying. But I think there’s a deeper motive here. Let’s face it: Silicon Valley isn’t America’s sweetheart anymore. In fact, some Americans look at that place as an evil elitist pit. I’ve talked to some who feel that way. Is this it? Are tech companies leaving Silicon Valley slowly but surely?

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