Technology Verses Hurricane Irma

Technology Verses Hurricane Irma

Technology Verses Hurricane Irma

Two weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas, and cost 70 lives. But now, Florida and Georgia are in the grips of Hurricane Irma. Let’s see how technology verses Hurricane Irma, and computer technology is winning.

So first, I give props to Airbnb. Between Sept. 6-28, scores of Airbnb hosts offer free housing to those in Irma’s path. Many booked, so that shows you how big Irma is. But other websites are helping out. For example, there is Zello Walkie Talkie. It gives you contact with others in an emergency, just like walky-talkies or CB radios used to do. But if the power goes out, that app goes out. However, I love the way phone companies are opening hot spots and WiFi, for free. That another way technology is winning in technology verses Hurricane Irma.

Then there are apps like GasBuddy. This app will tell you where to find gas and how much it is. In much of Florida, a lot of places either ran out of gas or charged an arm and a leg. GasBuddy came at the right time, especially for the millions who evacuated. Snap Maps helped those in harm’s way locate friends and report on local conditions.

There are You Tube channels I subscribe to. Some are from Florida. They reminded their fans their subscribers are okay. Also, on Facebook, many in Florida alerted us to let us know they’re okay. And all over social media, people are alerted and have been alerting ever since. Just think about when Katrina hit back in 2005. There was no social media. There were no apps. In fact, there were no smartphones. And yes, there is a lot of evil in social media. But these two trying storms reveled there is also good in social media. Lots of it. Do you have any stories of how technology is fighting Hurricane Irma?

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