iPhone 8 Secrets

iPhone 8 Secrets

iPhone 8 Secrets

So Apple maniacs, it’s about that time again. On September 12, they will celebrate and unveil iPhone 8 and other Apple products. But you many not have to wait that long. It seems we have iPhone 8 secrets.

Let’s talk about Face ID. Apparently, somebody leaked the cartoon of how this will work. Also, it looks like you will need several angles of Face ID to unlock your phone. For instance, you will probably need a whole facial shot, then a profile shot. But it gets better (depending on who you ask). Because some computer tech insiders say the top iPhone 8’s won’t even have home button, or Touch ID. So it looks like it’s either Face ID, or look to buy another phone.

I talked about the Air Pods and how they seem to be Apple’s next big thing. In fact, they seem to be IT support’s next big thing. Rumor has it the charger is outside the carrying case. Therefore, one can check their iPod wireless power immediately. Then there are the emojis. It seems like you can use face recognition and voice technology to create your own emoji. They can reflect your mood at any time. I’m guessing they can talk, too. We’ll see.

So there are some iPhone 8 secrets. However, I can’t stress this enough. This is just speculation. So if this isn’t true, don’t came banging on our Boston computer service shop door all ticked off. The conference is at 10am Pacific Time (1 pm Eastern, 12 noon central, 11 am mountain) on Tuesday, September 12. It will take place at Steve Jobs theater at Apple headquarters in Cupertino , California. I’m not an Apple fan, but I’m especially interested in this Face ID. Will it provide more security, at a time when so many worry about cyber security? Or will it be just an unnecessary avoidance that will cause more worry?

Here at Geek Choice, our thoughts, vibes and prayers are with everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma. Be safe out there.

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