Google Political War: Silicon Valley In The Crossfire

Google Political War

Google Political War: Silicon Valley In The Crossfire

Nobody is immune to the hostile social-political climate that is 2017 America. No, nobody in computer repair, nobody in Silicon Valley. But Google is finding this out the hard way. Because one blog cost engineer James Damore his job. It also started a Silicon Valley war of ideas. Google political war: Silicon Valley in the crossfire.

So this is how it started. Damore wrote a blog they call the ‘anti-diversity manifesto’. He wrote why he is against Google’s programs to hire more women and minorities. He lost his job over this. However, this is the beginning of the story. Conservatives and Trump supports from everywhere are coming to Damore’s defense. Some are even declaring a cyber war on what they see as censorship against  conservative ideas.

For example, Gab CEO Andrew Torba said this incident, and others, is a declaration of war. Then there’s Chuck Johnson. He worked on Trump’s transition team and runs conservative funding site WeSearchr. He plans to fight Silicon Valley until they, “change or go under”. There’s going to be a March on Google next Saturday. But Mike Cernovich, an outspoken right wing conservative, plans to counter it. He and his followers even vowed to chain himself to offices if their views are censored.

But as for me, I disagree with Damore’s blog. We do need programs to increase diversity in Silicon Valley. The statistics are alarming. However, I understand why conservatives are concerned. I notice how they demonize ‘alternative media’ while praise mainstream media. There’s a reason people turn to alternative media. Because only six mega corporations own 90% of mainstream media sites. And when they have that much power, then of course they can push agendas rather than give facts. Many are sick and tired of it. That’s why they turn to alternative sites. Plus, the Constitution gives them free speech. If you don’t like it, turn it off. I don’t think they should fire Damore, either. I think this was an opportunity to talk about diversity. But they threw that away. Who will win this Google political war?

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