Microsoft Windows 10 Workstations

Microsoft Windows 10 Workstations

Microsoft Windows 10 Workstations

There will be no Windows 11. I think most people in IT support know that by now. But that means Windows 10 needs to keep improving, if they want to keep existing. So this is where Microsoft Windows 10 Workstations comes in.

Maybe I should say Microsoft Windows 10 for Workstations. Because they’re revealing this OS today, specifically for Workstations. Also, they’re aiming it for server grade PC hardware and true power users. Furthermore, this Windows 10 will help machines with high amounts of RAM and logical processors. Microsoft is also making other to support business PC software. Because imagine running a business on mediocre software. Just don’t do it.

First of all, the ReFS (Resilient File System) can better fight data corruption and other ills. Then, they’ll support more memory modules. This means faster read and write speeds and files will still be in place. Speaking of files, there will be faster support for Microsoft Windows 10 Workstations. And last, but certainly not least, they will expand hardware support for this new system. I will try to say this without getting too technical. But this Windows 10 can support more CPU’s, processors, and ram terabytes. Keep in mind they’re just revealing Microsoft Windows 10 Workstations. They plan on releasing it sometime in fall 2017. So far, we don’t know the date.

Obviously, businesses use Microsoft as well as more personal systems. But does Microsoft cater to the business as well as they should? Ask some people in our Boston computer service shop. Many will tell you no. And some others will tell you that’s why they use Apple software. So this is a huge step in Microsoft’s direction. They realize they’re not the only candy store in town. So now they’re doing something about it? But is it enough? Will businesses use it? How will Microsoft Windows 10 Workstations play out in the future?


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