Mike George Retires From Amazon After 20 Years

Mike George

Mike George Retires From Amazon After 20 Years

Do you know who Mike George is? Many people don’t, but they should. Because Judge served as Amazon’s right-hand man for around 20 years. Now, Mike George retires from Amazon after 20 years.

In fact, George helped Amazon come up with voice assistant Alexa and smart device Echo. In computer repair/computer tech form, he announced his retirement on social media by using binary code. That code is over ten lines long. So under George’s leadership, Echo and Alexa aren’t only major hits, but cultural icons. They’re major competition for Apple’s Suri and Google Home. In fact, they even did a spoof a Alexa, parodying alternative news figure Alex Jones. But George says Alexa is just getting started.

She already has little cousins, like Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Dash Ward. And Alexa’s future looks bright. They say Amazon sold five million units between November 2016 and March 2017 alone. They also say Amazon will own over 70% of the smart voice market before this year is over. Mike George started at Amazon in 1998. He worked his way up the company. Eventually, he became GM of Global Payments and VP of Apps, Games and Cloud Drive. In January 2016, George took over Amazon Echo operations. The results speak for themselves. So Jeff Bezos and Amazon owe a huge debt to George.

George’s replacement will be Tom Taylor. In the past, Taylor ran Amazon Payments, FBA (Fulfillment of Amazon), and Amazon Appstore. Now, Amazon chooses Tom Taylor to fill some large shoes. Yes, the smart devices are a huge part of George’s legacy. But George’s tenure started when Amazon was at it’s infancy. Not only that, but he ran just about every part of Amazon when it came out. Amazon is also in transition again. Don’t forget, they just brought Whole Foods. So will Tom Taylor be an asset or liability to Amazon?

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