Lip Syncing Technology: The Trickiest Technology Yet

Lip Syncing Technology

Lip Syncing Technology: The Trickiest Technology Yet

There is a lot of mistrust in the media today. However, there are reasons. Yes, much they politically skew much of it, but technology messes it up too. We have everything from Photoshop to social media death hoaxes. Then there is lip syncing technology: The trickiest technology yet.

That’s right. With this lip syncing technology, you can put anybody’s words into anybody’s mouth. Some researchers at University of Washington tested this. So they took footage of some of Obama’s speeches. Then, they showed a photo of Obama just sitting in a suit and tie. They had side-by-side clips. One clip showed Obama giving a real speech. The other showed him appearing as he’s talking, but really not.

These researchers will promote and show off this lip syncing technology in conferences across the US. One of them, Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizermanm, says this will be good for communication. She thinks this is great for video conferences. For example, she said this could connect a realistic video with audio. I’m sure she’s right. Then, others say this can help with robot technologies. The big boys, like In fact, some want to use this lip syncing to make robots even more human.

That would be best case scenario. What is the worst? People can use this for deception, or worse. If you think the ‘fake news’ crises is bad today, then wait until this lip syncing technology takes over. And what about our political figures? Media, or somebody on social media, or IT support, can manipulate a speech about any political figure. They can use lip syncing technology to turn something innocent into something horrific and spin it around. And look at the hateful political climate these days. Then, somebody can use it for personal reasons. Somebody can mess up somebody’s speech for any reason whatsoever. That’s what I’m afraid of. Will lip syncing technology help us, or will it doom us?

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