WannaCry: Could This Be The Worst Ransomware?


WannaCry: Could This Be The Worst Ransomware?

Last weekend, I reported the WannaCry virus attacking 99 countries. But in the last two days, it got worse. It’s now in 153 countries. Asia is hit really hard. WannaCry: Could this be the worst ransomware?

So thy hackers demand $300. In six days, they’ll double it. Then, they threaten to delete the files. So far, over 38,000 businesses and individuals paid this ransom. So do the math. The cyber thugs made over $1.4 million in just a few days. ¬†They reported incidents in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. So imagine going to see the hottest movie in a theater. But instead of watching the movie, or the previews, all you see is the malware. That’s what theaters in South Korea went through.

Saturday, I mentioned how they hit British hospitals. One poor man couldn’t even have his open heart surgery because of this cyber virus. So far, we don’t know of an attack in the US. But Homeland Security works overtime to stop the malware and seek out those responsible. Good luck with that one. I say that because their codes are around the world. Then, there are copycat people are doing this. So where does this end?

This is no time for Americans to be complacent or laugh WannaCry. Wouldn’t they just love to attempt to destroy our American IT support and tech infrastructure? In fact, tech experts brace for more attacks this week. So let’s be on guard. First and foremost, patch up your system. If you’re having trouble with that, call a computer repair firm, like Geek Choice. I can’t stress this other point. If you’re using Windows XP, or another unsupported software, stop immediately! Not only is it causing tech chaos, but political too. In Britain, political parties are already arguing about whose fault this is. I’ll solve the argument: it’s the hackers’ fault. So how seriously are you taking WannaCry?

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