Apple AI Race: Apple Acquires Lattice Data

Apple AI Race

Apple AI Race: Apple Acquires Lattice Data

Tech companies and IT support companies obsess over AI (artificial intelligence) and robot technology. But Apple made a move putting them in the AI lead. Apple AI race: Apple acquires Lattice Data.

But what is Lattice Data? That is a company that takes AI engines. Then, those engines turn dark data into useful information. Sources say Apple is paying Lattice Data $200 million to merge with them. Hence, they agreed. This happened about two weeks ago. In fact, some of Lattice’s engineers already work for Apple. As usual, Apple says very little about this merger, or about the Apple AI race.

But what is ‘dark data’? That is data that is worthless. You can’t process it, study it, nothing. So what Lattice Data does is put such data into order and make it useful. Basically, it turns nothing into something. Therefore, this can help AI systems create more useful data feeds. But that’s not all. Law enforcement uses this tech tactic in fighting crimes, like murder and human trafficking. Also, they’re using it in medical research, and in research in general. So not only could this help Apple win the AI race, but in other areas as well.

But their theme startles me a bit. It says, “…with human caliber quality at machine caliber scale”.  At least they’re giving humans some props. I know I rant about this often, but I worry about AI technology replacing humans altogether. But, I know AI is the wave of the future. And I admit, I attended some AI demonstrations. Some were really neat, especially using the VR Oculus. So of course, Apple wants to be in the AI race. Will Lattice Data help?

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