BankBot Bug: Consumer Malware Alert

BankBot Bug

BankBot Bug: Consumer Malware Alert

When 2017, cyber security experts warned of a spike in malware attacks. Consequently, they were right. Because this month, they found malware ‘BankBot. They found it in two Google Play Store apps: Happy Times Video and Funny Videos 2017. This is the BankBot Bug: consumer malware alert.

So here is what is scary about the BankBot bug. It looks very legit. It could even look like something from your bank or credit card company. That’s how they lure you in. But when they do, they take over your financial information. Therefore, the hackers either keep it, or sell it on the black market for chump change. Some security experts say the BankBot bug crept it’s way to around 400 apps.

Meanwhile, other security experts say hackers find a way around the Google security scanners. Also, in one day, the Happy Times Video app had as many as 5,000 downloads. That’s a lot of malware to activate in just one day. Thankfully, Google removed Happy Times Video, Funny Videos, and other culprit apps causing BankBot. Furthermore, this malware shows a fake login window. They get the consumer to log in imitated banking services. Then, once they get their banking information, there’s no turning back. It can also steal info from your other legit apps, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

We are a computer repair firm that believes in keeping our readers informed. Yes, that goes for tech trends. But that also goes for tech dangers and threats. So what do we do? First of all, stay informed. There are many, many cyber security websites that do a great job informing us about such threats. If an app looks to fishy or too good to be true, leave it alone. But what if they already hacked you? Get if fixed immediately. Here at Geek Choice, we specialize in virus removal and laptops fixed. What are some tips you have to avoid the BankBot Bug?

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