The Three iPhones: Celebrating 10 Years

The Three iPhones

The Three iPhones: Celebrating 10 Years

Around 10 years ago, the tech world changed forever. That’s because in 2007, then Apple CEO Steve Jobs debuted the iPhone. Hence, since the iPhone and smartphone, our lives were never the same. But come fall 2017, Apple could give us the three iPhones to mark the anniversary.

That’s right. Usually, Apple gives us one new iPhone version every fall. But this year, they could give us three. That’s according to tech journalists and insiders. So two will be upgraded versions of existing iPhones. But the third a new, sleek, handset that could change the smartphone industry, again. Apple is already testing curvy glasses, new cameras and screens. And these are just for the phones they want to redesign.

Then there’s the third new phone. Sources say this screen will cover almost the whole phone’s front. Also, it will use organic lightning to better enhance colors. Furthermore, they want to reduce size by combining the home button into the screen. They’ll do this through software. They expect the three iPhones to run on a new operating system. They call that system iOS 11. We can also expect cameras to be radically different. They’re already testing dual lenses for the front camera alone.

It’s the iPhone 10th anniversary. Of course we should expect something big from Apple. Because this is Apple we’re talking about. But three phones in one time? That’s ambitious even for Apple. A lot is riding on this. Around two-thirds of Apple sales depend in the iPhone. However, keep in mind this is tech speculation. I guess we won’t know all the details until that Apple press conference. And even then, they’ll only tell us what they want us to know. And yes, we do make screen replacements if you need them (I know that’s a cheap plug. Oh well.). But would you buy any of the three iPhones? Can you believe it’s been ten years since they introduced the iPhone?

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