DARPA’s Mission: Make Computers Think Like Humans

DARPA's Mission

DARPA’s Mission: Make Computers Think Like Humans

Ever hear of DARPA? It’s the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. Hence, they have wild ideas about computer technology and IT support. So one idea is making computers more human. DARPA’s Mission: Make computers think like humans.

They want to make computers learn like humans. Hence, make computers learn slowly and constantly over time. But there’s a problem with that. Computers can think only what human builders program then to think. However, DARPA’s mission has the answer. Or they think they do. They want computers to think biologically. That means they start off knowing very little, but learn and mature more over time. This is similar to animals and humans.

Furthermore, they have a name for it. They have a program they call Lifelong Learning Machine (L2M). It’s an AI (artificial intelligence) system that learns from experience. This way, there will be no need for reprogramming. Also, you don’t have to worry about data loss. The DARPA mission believes this will help all things technology: self-driving cars, cyber security, gaming, and more. They’re also coming up with new computer models. These models will better adapt to L2M. They’re not the only ones. Google is also building machine-learning models. Could this be the next tech trend?

In a way, computers and machines do mature over time. In my life, we went from floppy disk to Facebook. We went from Commodore 64 to MacBook. We progressed from recording music on the radio to downloading music to your smartphone. But all of these depended on the human mind to get to that. If DARPA’s mission comes true, computer technology will evolve on it’s own. Yes, some good will come of that. But would there be any more computer repair, or any need to have laptops fixed? And what about the jobs that would be on the line? Is making computers think like humans a good idea? Or are we creating a monster?

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