Facebook TV: Social Media Couch Potatoes Rejoice!

Facebook TV

Facebook TV: Social Media Couch Potatoes Rejoice!

So you can’t get enough social media? You can’t get enough TV, either? However, Facebook can help. Introducing Facebook TV: Social media couch potatoes rejoice!

Facebook came up with the new app this week. Facebook TV will include Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Samsung TV. Hence, with this new app, you can watch this TV, as well as Facebook videos, on the big screen. Facebook leaders explained the new app at this year’s Code Media conference. Someone explained they can use this app to watch Facebook videos on the big screen at anytime. But that won’t be the only use.

Last year, Facebook users watch watched over 100 million hours worth of videos. So some potential and interest are there. But there is still debate about making Facebook TV profitable. While I write this, the company is testing out video ads. Like You Tube, Facebook TV will suggests videos for the user, according to his/her profile. You can also save videos and watch them on other devices later. For instance, you can’t watch that TV-MA or TV-14 show at the office or at school or in front of little kids. Just save it and watch it during your own private time. We don’t know the date of Facebook TV’s release. But they assure us it will be soon and free for Facebook subscribers.

You see, social media, IT support and entertainment are going hand in hand. What we used to see only on TV can now be seen everywhere, from tablets to laptops. Hint…hint…if you need a screen replacement or laptops fixed in Boston, we got you covered. But you see how Facebook is expanding. Also, I like how they’re merging with other TV app corporations. To be successful, they will need to. There’s a lot of competition out there, especially from You Tube and other streaming services. So if Apple TV and Amazon Fire sets them apart from the competition, good! That’s the only shot Facebook has. Do you think Facebook TV will be able to survive?




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