The First Flying Car…This Ain’t The Jetsons

The First Flying Car

The First Flying Car…This Ain’t The Jetsons

Many of us grew up with futuristic cartoon The Jetsons. It was a 20th century cartoon that took place in the 21st century. They traveled around in flying cars. But here in 2017, that’s becoming a reality. The first flying car…this ain’t The Jetsons.

The first flying car is from Dutch company PAL-V.  They also call it the PAL-V Liberty vehicle. Furthermore, they boast it to be first flying car in world history. So the PAL-V Liberty has three wheels and a rectangle like interior. It has the propellers like a helicopter. Hence, it doesn’t look like a car as we know it. Maybe that’s the point.

But the PAL-V Liberty not only flies; it rides on the road. From what I read, it rides more like a motorcycle than a car. But while in flight, it travels at 112 mph maximum speed. Also, it flies for over 300 miles on one tank of fuel. That’s like flying from our Boston computer service shop to downtown Philadelphia in one tank of gas. Consequently, you’re flying in a helicopter. So let’s talk about price, because you know this won’t come cheap. In fact, prices begin at $400,000.That’s just the basics. For $600,000, you get the Pioneer. This includes training, power heating, and electronic flight equipment.

But there is some good news. You don’t have to pay all at once for the first flying car. You can pay a deposit of anywhere from $10,000-$25,000. PAL-V Liberty air cars should be released by late 2018. At least that’s their hope. This is also a tremendous feat for the IT support industry. This may or may not be a tremendous feat for fighting traffic. It’ll take many years before this catches on. Let’s assume the flying car catches on at all. Let’s assume by the 2030s, more people abandon their road car for a flying car. The roads are less hectic. But the skies are so chocked up people can’t breath. And you can’t just pull over in the air. What then? Is this even possible?

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