Windows 10 : Could it be the Best OS for Video Games?

Windows 10 Could it be the Best OS for Video Games

Windows 10 : Could it be the Best OS for Video Games?

Windows 10 is coming very soon and it could be the big computer revolution we have all been waiting for or it could be a dud? The new stylish Windows 10 could break the mold and remove the stains that Windows 8 brought with removing the true start menu and making a title start menu. Well they have heard the cries from Windows 8 users loud and clear! There will be an actual start menu in Windows 10. The compromise from Microsoft is there will still be a tile system but it will branch off the original start menu and you can remove the tiles if you don’t want them. This makes it easier for gamers to get their games.

The next great thing about Windows 10 isn’t actually about the OS but an item they you will be able to purchase hopefully in the not so distant future named the HoloLens. In the gaming world the idea of VR has been sought after for years. Now the HoloLens won’t be for every gamer but it looks like an amazing addition to anyone’s gaming gear.

The next thing on why Windows 10 could be the best operating system for video games is the streaming capabilities. Windows 10 will be giving you the ability to stream games from your Xbox One to your PC or tablet so you could play your game from another room in your home.

So here is a scenario, you want to play a game with your friend but you also want to watch a movie or tv show with your wife or significant other. What do you do? Easy with Windows 10, both! Sit down on the couch with your tablet and stream the Xbox one to that and watch the tv with your partner.

Microsoft is starting to get into the apps game, no not mozzarella sticks, but fully functional apps for your phone and pc. One big app on Windows 10 that gamers will not want to ignore is going to be the Xbox app. This app looks very close to steam which is an app from a company called Valve for all of your PC gaming needs. However the Xbox app will have text and voice chat for people who own Xbox Live. Also by pressing the Windows+G you can bring up a game play saving function which will allow you to record the last 30 seconds of game play. Which then you can share with other platforms making it one stop sharing shop!

Finally there is DirectX12. This is supposed to be a monumental upgrade from DirectX 11. The performance is rumored to be 50% better than DirectX 11 and cutting power consumption down half. With DirectX12 we will also see the first cross platform game in which people from PC and Xbox One can play together. An exciting prospect indeed.

Well if Microsoft can deliver on all of this stuff Windows 10 should be the best OS for Video Games. What do you think? Debate below!

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