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LA Gives Computers to Sutdents


LA Gives Computers to Sutdents

I’m going to date myself a little: when I was in school, the only time we played computers was on Friday. The top game we played was Oregon Trail. We thought that was a treat! Obviously, a lot has changed, and at least one school system is trying to keep up.

Los Angeles’ Unified School District will spend $30 million dollars to give out iPads to all 640,000 students in elementary, middle and high school by the end of 2014. District leaders believe this will help kids learn the technology skills they’ll need when they go into college and/or the job market. According to district executive Mark Hovatter, “Whatever jobs kids want to have, technology is likely involved. You’re just not going to be able to do well in society if you don’t have some experience.” On each IPad will be educational tools like digital textbooks. The iPads will also be used for scheduling, video conferences, and interactive lessons.

This is wonderful! Hovattar hit it right on the head! I don’t think anybody can survive without knowing something about technology these days. I was just about to lose my faith in the education system in America. I’m tired of reading stories where schools are being shut down so they can build prisons. I’m tired of reading stories about certain states’ education budgets being slashed  while the governor gives himself and his cabinet raises. It’s about time a city and a district does right by it’s kids. Do you think the rest of America will do the right thing and follow suit?

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