Our New Website and Blog Design is Live!

New blog design

Our New Website and Blog Design is Live!

We’ve got a new website! It took us a little while to get it off the ground (our geeks were too busy helping customers to get the bugs ironed out!) but we’re happy to finally see the new design online.

So, what does our new site mean to you? For one, it means it’s never been easier to find a geek near you! Now you can find a Geek Choice location in your area just about anywhere in the US. We’re also making it easier to learn more about our specialty services, like iPad repair and remote service.

Of course, not everything’s changing. We’re still going to use this space to help keep you up to date on the latest news in computer security, because while we do get paid for cleaning viruses off your system, we’d rather you didn’t get infected in the first place. We welcome your questions and comments on any tech issues, so if there’s anything you’d like to see a post about, please let us know! Whatever problem you’re having or device you’re curious about, our techs have probably seen it all by now.


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