Apple iPhone web browsing not as safe as you think

Apple iPhone web browsing not as safe as you think

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There are reports today from many technology news sources and others like the Wall Street Journal that Google has been getting through the privacy settings of people using Apple’s Safari web browser on their iPhones and computers. Apparently they used a specific code that would trick the web browser software into letting them be able to monitor the users. The most interesting part of all of this is that Safari is set by default to block the type of tracking Google was doing. The code was actually found by a researcher from Stanford, Jonathan Mayer. Although Google is not alone is this, there are other companies reported by the WSJ to have used techniques like this. Apple is currently working on these work around and will work vigorously to put a stop to this privacy workaround. Most think this work around is used for Google to get a leg up in the social media game or is Google trying to poke holes into Apple’s phone software to show that Droids are better choice. What do you think people?

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