The battle for streaming got a big heavier

The battle for streaming got a big heavier

Amazon is trying to ramp up their Prime service. They have just announced a deal with Viacom which will now bring them to over 15,000 titles in their library. This is a great move for Amazon in the streaming video business however there is still one problem with this issue. You have to buy a subscription to Amazon Prime. Which does give you free 2 day shipping. Although I have to say that isn’t too bad of a deal even if you don’t use it much however there is speculation that Amazon my part the two and have individual subscriptions just for the streaming. So with the new Viacom deal we are looking at TV shows from Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Spike, TV Land, and VH1. This will sure up the videos already on Amazon’s streaming line up. Looks like Netflix has some strong competition.

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