Mac OS X has a Trojan floating around!

Mac OS X has a Trojan floating around!

A lot of the reason we see people buying Mac’s over PC’s is not just because of its ease of use but also because it has been virus free for the most part. Well now that might start to change as there are reports out there that a backdoor Trojan is floating around. The Trojan is a variant of a well known remote access Trojan *RAT*, it is known in Windows as the darkComet. It has come to be known on the MAC as the Blackhole RAT. The problem that can happen with Mac users is the Black Hole name is already being used by legitimate application that will increase security on your Mac. It helps you get rid of sensitive information like recently used file lists, data that is on the clipboard and much more.

It has been known to do these types of things to your PC:
Place text files on your desktop
Sending URLs to the client to open a website
Sending a restart, shutdown or a sleep command
Running arbitrary shell commands
Obstructing what you are doing by placing a full screen window with a message that only allows for you to click a reboot option only
Possible the worst of them all, using a pop up fake admin password window to try and phish out your password

It looks this Trojan is able to get on your system main through pirated software downloads, torrent sites, or anywhere you may download applications that need to be installed. So be careful where you download your applications.

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