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Not so fast Verizon iPhone!

Not so fast Verizon iPhone!

If you have kept up to date with our blogs you have seen that lately we have posted about the iPhone 4 Verizon launch. The reason we do this is because this is a historical moment in wireless history. The day the iPhone gave up its exclusivity. Now granted with some work around you could unlock your iPhone and use it on TMobile network but you still could not use it on Verizon. This being the first time you can legitimately use an iPhone on another network is momentous. But not so fast, I am going to pass.
I am a Verizon wireless customer and I am NOT making the switch to an iPhone 4. I would like to share three reasons with you on why I am not getting the iPhone 4 so you can make an informed decision if you haven’t done so already. First is that I already have a smartphone, a Droid X. Now if you read one of our earlier blogs you would have seen our survey says article in which a good amount of Droid users said they would make the switch. I have valid reasons to hold out. The second reason is the iPhone 5. I have a friend who has gone through every generation of iPhone there is and like him I would have done the same if I went to AT&T. So if I bought the iPhone 4 it would be just a place holder until the iPhone 5 which could be out as soon as late 2011. So why buy the iPhone 4 now just to replace in possible less than a year’s time. Now currently there is no date for the 5 but it will surely be no later than 2012 and since I have a nice smartphone, I can wait. Reason three LTE! Yes the iPhone 4 is not on the new LTE network Verizon has been pushing but the speculation is that the iPhone 5 will be on the LTE network which is suppose to give 4G speeds instead of 3G speeds.
So needless to say I am going against the grain on the Verizon iPhone 4. There is still plenty of reasons to get it, like if you don’t have a smart phone yet and you have waited all this time to get one and you just so happened to hold out for the iPhone 4, or because it’s an iPhone and you have to have it. Either way this is one of the most historic moments in wireless history and if you are one of those lucky people who got a preorder and will get it on February 10th good job! We will be keeping track of the launch and keep you up to date on how Verizon handles the new influx of customers as many AT&T customers will be making the switch. So will Verizon be able to handle this or will they fall on the sword as AT&T did and have a high number of dropped calls due to the extreme amount of data usage iPhone users bring? Only time will tell!

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