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Survey says…. iPhone 4!

Survey says…. iPhone 4!

The online sample company uSamp conducted a “highly profiled online panel” of over 700 smartphone users asking them if they would make the switch the Verizon iPhone 4 in late January. The results were release on Thursday. The survey noted that 54% of customers are either very likely (25%) or somewhat likely (29%) to buy an iPhone 4 when it arrives to the Verizon network next week.
This survey signals very bad news for RIM (Research in Motion). RIM is the creators of Blackberry and many of their users showed a higher interest in changing to the iPhone 4. With an astounding 66% probability to change over, compared to the Andriod which only had a 44% chance. With Android, Blackberry was already starting to take a dip and now that the iPhone is coming to Verizon we are now looking Blackberry taking a backseat to the iPhone and the Android.
Another thing to take away from the survey was that 26% of the AT&T customer base have plans to purchase a Verizon iPhone on the day of launch. For the people who are switching from AT&T to Verizon the biggest culprit was the amount of dropped call at 48%.
The reviews on the iPhone 4 for Verizon shows significantly less calls than the AT&T Phones.

uSamps reports a 3.6% margin of error for their results.

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