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Recover Deleted Files

At one point in the life of computing, everyone has mistakenly deleted a file. Does that mean the files we delete are permanently gone for good, with no chance of ever seeing them again? Not necessarily. There are ways to recover the deleted files. Sometimes the file is still in the Recycling Bin, in which that is easy to recover. When you "remove" a file from the Bin, it is still on your hard drive, just not accessible from the folders [...]

Google DocVerse Diversifies MS Office

There is a new cloud on the horizon, and it is in the shape of an office. It is called Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, and it is going to be a huge advancement in how people conduct their business and personal lives. DocVerse is a startup company that was bought by Google last March, and now is getting a chance to shine through integration into a widely used application for email. The combination of a program like Google [...]

Tips to Keep Your Computer Happy

Having a computer means you have everything, the ultimate tool to connect to the places you want to go while sitting at home or at the office, so here are some tips to help ensure that the tool does not break. Rule number one: keep your stinky finger away from the power button, do not switch it off until Windows has shut down. The only exception is when your computer freezes and there is not alternative but to hit the [...]

Hijacker Threat

This threat has been an on-going concern for web browser developers and security experts for the past five years. It is a very serious threat because it involves you and me, the victims when a hijacker takes over the computer without us even knowing what hit us. Hackers can easily snatch up all the cookies in the jar. HTTP cookies are the reason we have anti-spyware, malware, and weaknesses in the wall against attack from invaders. They leave a trail [...]

Computers: Are you Addicted?

We all know about heroin, cocain, alcohol, reefer and how addictive they are, but what about computers? Does not the big glowing screen give the user a sort of euphoric feeling in a hypnotized state? Look around you on the subway, or at work, or in homes(it's okay to peep a little) and notice the screens effect on people. The eyes are wide open and glossy, transfixed on moving images and lights that create a special feeling, one of escape. For [...]

The Google Doc is In

If you have not heard about this new word processor, then you have been missing out my friend, because Google Docs competes with Office and is completely online. There are so many benefits to this type of document platform that they are too many to write about in this blog. However, I will try to contain it in simple and easy terms that even a layman could lay down and understand. The centerpiece of Google Docs is the collaboration feature [...]

Storage Footprints in the Sand

Instead of one or two sets of storage footprints in the sand, there could be hundreds as you operate your business or personal activities on the computer. It is a nuisance to you and to everyone who wants a fast working computer because data storage stores hundreds of ONE file. Who knew? Not a lot of people, that's who, because all this happens behind the LCD scene. There are all these processes that go on that we do not see, [...]

Paid or Unpaid? The Difference in Anti-Virus

For all you frugal frogs out there feeling jumpy about paying for that "extra protection" on your Anti-Virus program, here is some information that might help with that decision. Personally I run two programs on my laptop, AVG and Avast, both on the free plan. That means on the "upgrade" screen that always keeps popping up to remind me to buy the "good" version, mine is the one with only one check next to it while the "good" version is [...]

PC v.s. Mac: Who Will Win the War?

It is all over television and magazine ads, and you might have run into those people who have different opinions than yours, about which computer is better: The PC or the Mac? Yes, there are two types of people in the world today that differ in their preference for a computer system, and they turn that preference into a side which they stand on thinking their choice is better. In one commercial there is a hip guy who has been [...]

Another Facebook Update

I know, if you were just born then this is already old news about Facebook being used for everything except actually living your life. But quit running from the truth and acting like you are too good for such a thing as being social on a network. The truth is that Facebook is instantaneous information in your face internet intensity. The internet is supposed to be all of that allowing people across the globe to communicate with each other [...]

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