Clippable cleans up those webpages for your printing needs

Clippable cleans up those webpages for your printing needs

Ever visit a website, see something you’d like to print, but find that the resultant printout includes a lot of unnecessary junk that you’d rather not read? For instance, when visiting a page about the latest football scores, you probably don’t want to waste your printer ink including a bunch of advertisements for DirectTV.

Extremely easy to use, the Clippable bookmarklet clears away the extraneous stuff and leaves you with a properly formatted page that includes only that information which is relevant.

No installation is necessary, as you need only visit the site and drag the Clippable box at the bottom to your Bookmarks Toolbar, which sits right beneath your address bar. Once there, you’re able to wipe away the ads and other clutter for those times when you just want to print what you’re interested in reading.

All you need to do, after visiting the webpage you’d like to print, is click on the “Clippable” bookmarklet.

An example of its value can be seen below, where you’ll notice that we’ve taken a website about customizing Windows 7 and stripped away everything but what’s pertinent. Once cleaned up, it’s ready for printing or to be copied and pasted in whichever editor you prefer.

Before Clippable:


After Clippable:


Should you be someone looking for a simple way to clean up those webpages you’d like to print or copy, give Clippable a shot.

You can grab it here.

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