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A free diagnostic tool for your computer

A free diagnostic tool for your computer

Commonly experienced by even the newest computers,  the diminished performance of a system  can be attributed to any number of problems.  It could be software or hardware, conflicting drivers, or a memory leakage.

Whatever the root cause of your frustration, arriving at an answer isn’t easy, but having a direction in which to travel just became a bit more manageable.

PC Pitstop is a neat diagnostic tool that provides users with a comprehensive overview of their system — performance, security, drivers, etc.

It’s free and easy to use, with results that may surprise you.  Again, while it won’t fix whatever’s ailing your system, PC Pitstop will highlight those areas around which you might want to focus.

Our business is making sure your computer runs as well as possible. Taking a few simple steps on your own can be a fast and easy way to get your system running better, even if you aren’t able to solve matters on your own. Remember, whenever you hit one of those frustrating situations that’s a little beyond your ability to handle, Geek Choice is just a click or a phone call away.

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