Home Networking

HomeHaving a great home computer is a good start, but unless it can interact with the other computers and devices in your household you’re only getting half your money’s worth. Whether you have a brand new network that needs to be set up and configured, you need to add computers or devices to an existing home network, or something has stopped working with your current set up, Geek Choice techs can resolve your problems quickly & professionally.

Home Network Setup and Configuration

Having a home network can make working from home, storing photos, and using the internet much easier in a multi-computer household. A properly configured network will allow you to retrieve documents from one computer on another anywhere in the house, and can also allow you to share the use of devices such as printers and modems. Putting together a home network can be a very complicated process, so let us handle the headaches for you. Our techs have the equipment and experience you need to get all of the computers in your home connected to one another and the internet. We can also help you figure out what hardware is right to connect the computers in your home (wireless or standard router?) and how to protect it from outsiders.

Check out our page on firewalls and internet security to learn more about how we can secure your home network once it’s up and running.

Adding Printers and Other Devices

Already have a working network, but need to add new or replacement devices? Our techs can help locate and install the drivers you need and deal with all of the wiring, so you can get straight to enjoying the use of your new printer, external hard drive, or any other shared device throughout your home.

Home Network Repair

If you are experiencing problems with your home network, Geek Choice is here to help. Our techs will isolate the problem and come up with the right solution to get everything back online quickly. Whether it’s hardware, software, or a simple misplaced wire, technicians are available to help 7 days a week, days or evenings nationwide.

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