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Join The Geek Choice Diamond Plan!

As a member you’ll enjoy great savings on all Geek Choice Service, parts, and equipment!

We created The Diamond Plan as a way of rewarding you, the customer for your loyalty to Geek Choice. The Diamond Plan is a unique offering that works in many ways like car insurance.

Price: $29.95/ Month

What you get:

  • 5 hours of service, per year. ($500 Value!)
  • Reduced Service fee of $20 (compare to normal fee of $50)
  • 5% Discount on all Equipment purchased from Geek Choice
  • After your initial 5 hours have been used, you are billed out at $90/hr (10% Savings) and still enjoy the same low $20 Visit fee.

After you sign up, we’ll give you a call to let you know that everything is all set.

Below is an explanation of the key features, as well as terms, conditions, and restrictions of the plan:

Sign Up NOW


It’s just like a signing bonus!

If you sign up with your geek during a service call, we will instantly discount the price of that call by $50 as our way of thanking you for committing to a longer-term relationship with Geek Choice!

Important: This offer is available only if you sign up directly with your geek during a service call. If you sign up through our online shopping cart, you will receive a “Visit fee credit” worth $20 off your first covered visit instead.

Thinking of holding off and signing up immediately before your next appointment? That makes sense, however please note that plan coverage does not go into effect until 24 hours after you sign up, so if you’re looking to have your next service call covered by the plan, it’s best to sign up early to make sure you don’t miss out on that service call being covered under the plan!


A lot of bang for your buck…

Since the plan covers 100% of service labor up to five hours, and service appointments have a one hour minimum, you can have service labor for as many as 5 one hour calls fully covered during the plan year (service labor does not include $20 visit fee). Also, with a membership you can also have unlimited additional service calls at 90% of the current retail service labor rate. Most customers will use fewer and longer calls under the plan


What if you use more than 5 hours?

Don’t worry, the savings don’t end if you use up your 5 hours! As a Geek Choice Diamond Plan member, hours used in excess of 5 hours are charged at a discounted rate of 10% off of retail. That means at current rates, plan members would get the additional labor at just $90/hour instead of our usual $100/hour! Also, you will still get the discounted visit fee of $20, on every service call!


We make it easy for you to decide!

While we expect to provide outstanding service and great value to our customers, we understand there are times when a customer may change their mind. We won’t force you into a contract you don’t want, so you can cancel at any time. Of course there are certain reasonable terms and restrictions designed to prevent fraud or abuse of the plan. We encourage you to read “Terms and Conditions” to learn about what those terms and restrictions are.


Here is what you get…

  • Anything Computer! Which includes on-site services offered by Geek Choice, including slow PC, virus and spyware removal; PC troubleshooting; PC, gadget, and network installation, setup and configuration; on-site data recovery and transfer
  • Support for an unlimited number of home or office PCs no matter how many computers you have (compare this to some of our competitors who charge you extra for every PC covered by their plans!)
  • Service labor coverage – Essentially, any work that your geek can do for you during 5 hours of on-site labor is covered at 100% of the Service Labor cost and after 5 hours, 10% of the cost of Service Labor is covered under the plan. What does this mean? It means you get one of our friendly professional geeks at your home to deal with any computer or computer-related issues you may have for as many visits and as many hours as you need, and always at a great discount over our regular rates!
  • 5% of the cost of parts, equipment, or PCs purchased is covered under the Plan.
  • 60% of the $50 per-visit site fee is covered under the plan, which saves you $30 per visit.


  • Software purchases are not covered under the plan and are not discounted.
  • Managed, online, and hosted services such as, but not limited to, online backup, antivirus, security, and email hosting are not covered under the plan and are not discounted.
  • Because the Diamond Plan is a discount plan, other discount coupons and offers are rendered invalid by the Plan and cannot be used to discount or offset any Plan or service costs unless specifically stated for that purpose on the coupon.
  • Plan coverage is valid only for the single physical location it is sold at (or the single location that is declared as the “service location” during purchase). If you wish to have Plan coverage at more than one location (e.g. Regular home and vacation home), two Plans would need to be purchased, one for each location.


Customers signing up for The Plan are committing to a purchase of $359.40 charged in twelve monthly installments of $29.95 billed directly and automatically to their credit card. Customers who sign up for The Plan also give Geek Choice permission to charge visit fee amounts and non-covered costs directly to their credit card account without requiring further authorization.

All fees and payments are non-refundable regardless of whether plan services are used or not.

Customers may cancel their membership at any time with 30-day’s written notice sent to:

Geek Choice
607 Boylston St. Lower Level
Boston, MA 02116
Attn: Subscription Services

For customers who cancel their membership prior to meeting the one-year commitment, if the retail value of services used by the customer exceeds the amount paid into the Plan, the customer’s credit card will be charged the difference between retail and fees paid. Unless cancelled, the plan automatically renews annually for another 12-month commitment at the then current rate. Plan services and offerings do not carry over from year to year and are forfeited on the “valid till” date (annually) if unused.

For customers who stop payment without notice to Geek Choice, if the retail value of service used by the customer exceeds total value of $359.40, the customer’s credit card will be charged the difference between retail and fees paid. Furthermore, if the retail value does not exceed the amount of $359.40, the balance of the full $359.40 is to be paid.

Geek Choice reserves the right to add, remove, or alter plan offerings, coverage, and costs at any time at its sole discretion. Members should check this web page for up-to-date information, details, and Plan changes:


Membership in The Plan represents a form of discount on Geek Choice services and as such, cannot be combined with other coupons or discount offers.

Geek Choice reserves the right to refuse service under the plan. In the event that any perceived dangerous or unsafe condition exists, if the member requests Geek Choice to perform work that is perceived to be illegal, immoral, or dangerous, or if for any reason, at the sole discretion of Geek Choice, Geek Choice may refuse service.

Individual membership subscriptions as well as membership plan offerings may be cancelled by Geek Choice at any time and at its sole discretion. At the time of cancellation member agrees that any past due balances to Geek Choice will be charged to the credit card on file.

For members, the payment terms of this plan replace the payment terms clause of the standard Geek Choice “Payment Terms and Release of Liability” agreement. All other clauses of that agreement remain in effect.

At this time, Geek Choice does not offer preferential scheduling to Members. Appointments are made available on a first-come-first-serve basis to all Geek Choice customers.

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