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Data Backup and Recovery

The data on your computer is more than just ones and zeros; it’s pictures of your family, your senior thesis, it’s artwork and last year’s taxes and your contacts for friends and customers and classmates. The value of your data may be emotional or practical, but either way you don’t want to lose it. The fact is that your hard drive, like any other piece of hardware, is subject to damage and failure over time, and without proper backups, your precious data is at risk.

Data Recovery Services

If you’ve suffered a hard drive failure and need to retrieve the information stored on a broken drive, we can help. Although data recovery can never be 100% guaranteed, our techs have access to special tools to help extract whatever viable data remains on a broken or damaged drive. For especially complex situations that cannot be resolved in-house, we can also send drives out to a clean lab for the most advanced data recovery service available.

Data Backup and Storage

Recovering lost data can be time consuming and expensive, and it’s never a sure thing. To safeguard your important files, you need to maintain proper backups. At Geek Choice, we offer several options for your data storage, from external hard drives to off-site backups. We can even help configure your system to automatically backup your files, so you don’t have to.

Check out our page on preventive maintenance to learn how to keep your hardware in working order and help cut down on data loss.

Data Transfer

Whether you’re upgrading your current system, replacing a failing hard drive, or starting up with a brand new computer, you’re probably going to want most of the files from your old hard drive to make the move with you. Transferring data manually can take forever without the right tools, and you can still miss important files hiding in odd corners of your drive. Our techs have the hardware to make data transfers quick and easy, and they can work with you to make sure that everything you need is there on your new hardware. We can even deal with the old hard drive when the transfer is complete.

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