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Business Data Backup and Recovery

DatabackupThe amount of data stored by the average business user is incredibly large. Customer contacts, email, years upon years of employee records, and so much more sit on hard drives in workstations and servers around your office. Unfortunately, unless that information is properly backed up it is all at risk. Hard drives do not last forever, and when they fail they could take vital information for your business with them.

Data Recovery Services

If you’ve suffered a system failure on one or more computers in your office, we can work to recover the important information trapped inside. Data recovery is not an exact science and no one can guarantee that all files will be restored, but our techs have the tools and experience to manage the majority of data recovery calls. For particularly difficult data recovery cases where the information is worth the price tag, drives that would otherwise be unreadable can be sent to clean rooms where meticulous care is used to extract files from severely damaged systems.

Check out our blog post Data Recovery: what you can do to help for tips on how to improve your chances of full recovery in the event of data loss.

Local Data Backup

There are many solutions for maintaining a copy of all your business data on site, including external hard drives and servers. It’s important to maintain as much separation between your actual system and backups as possible, to help reduce the risk that whatever brought down one system will bring down the other. Local backups are a simple, cost-effective way to prevent data loss caused by a single hard drive failure. Our techs can help you choose the right on site data backup system based on the amount of information your company needs stored.

Off-Site Data Backup

Local backup solutions sadly have one weakness: if the event that caused your data loss was not simple hardware failure your backups could be lost as well. In the event of fire, water damage, or other physical disasters that affect your office, the only way to protect your data is to have a copy somewhere else. Remote data backup solutions are also very convenient, as software manages the process of copying and sending your encrypted information to the backup.

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