Nov 27, 2009

Mozilla releases the 4th beta for Firefox 3.6


Despite being a holiday, the folks at Mozilla  Firefox are making sure that their latest version of Firefox meets the standard previous versions have set. In doing so, they have released the fourth beta of Firefox 3.6. Which gives you over 100 fixes from the previous beta and more security measures.

With its great security and customization features, Firefox has charged ahead of the browser pack. Proving the unfailing principle that competition is good for innovation. Which, is good for the end user. Firefox is one of the most secured browsers out there and is the preferred browser for most technicians. Here at Geek Choice we prefer to use Mozilla Firefox over other browsers. It is much more secure and easy to use, for even the most novice of user. To learn more about which browser is right for you, visit our website  or give us a call 7 days a week at 800-433-5435


You can download the latest beta here.

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